BEST Course Nis 2019
"A Blockchain reaction"

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Did you know that on the 17th of December 2017 one bitcoin was worth $19,783.06? You might be thinking how can something like that, something that doesn’t even physically exist, be worth that much?

Bitcoin, along with all other cryptocurrencies work on the basics of Blockchain. Blockchain is an ever growing trend in the IT industry which has made anonymous transactions possible and the tech community is now finding other potential uses for this technology.

One of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology is that it is entirely decentralized, rather than stored in one central point. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis. Some experts from the industry have even openly said that they believe blockchain is the future of the internet and that one day we may find ourselves paying for our groceries using it.

This BEST Course will give you the chance to take a look at distributed systems and alternative consensus mechanisms, as well as cryptoeconomics and then move on to the fundamental applications of bitcoin and blockchain technology. It will be held from 21st - 28th July in Nis, Serbia.

About our LBG

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-profit and non-political student organization whitch is run by students exclusively. The organization consists of 96 local BEST groups in as many universities, with about 3300 active members in 34 countries throughout Europe. Each of these groups has its own local executive committee and organizes numerous local and international events BEST (projects).BEST works to improve the educational process of students. BEST is constantly solving problems of education of engineers and arrive at the result with the help of all students studying at 96 universities where BEST is present. 30 years after the foundation has over 3,300 active members, and our target group consists of more than one million students who study art at the universities where BEST is present.

About our city

Birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, the city of Niš still embodies the combination of exotic East and elegant West. Today a modern tourist center with museums and historical sites that are on European must see maps, Serbian city of Niš has been a gate connecting the East and the West ever since it was established. Even nowadays, driving down the roads through Niš is the shortest way to reach the Middle East from Europe, or cities like Sofia and Istanbul from Vienna, Budapest or Prague. This route has been called “Carigradski drum” (The Road to the Emperor’s city ie. Constantinople/Istanbul) since the Middle Ages. In its rich history, Niš was even the birthplace of a great emperor. There was always something magical about Niš. Exotic and mystical East and reserved but elegant West are nowhere so well reconciled as they are here. During the day you can visit its numerous museums and sites of great historical importance, like the Mediana archaeological site (remains of a luxurious Roman settlement), the Niš fortress (best preserved Ottoman fort in this part of the Balkans) or “Ćele kula” (The Skull tower, a unique structure built by the order of the Ottoman Hursid pasha using the skulls of Serbian soldiers killed in the Battle of Čegar during the First Serbian uprising).Afterwards, if you are visiting Niš in August, during the night you can listen to jazz music at Nišville jazz festival(11-14.August) or watch a movie at “Filmski sureti” (Cinematic meetings) film festival. When you come here, don’t miss: -Walking down the river bank of Nišava and drinking coffee in the thick shade of the Niš Fortress.
-Seeing the monument to Serbian writer Stevan Sremac and Kalča, and next to it definitely turn into the cobble street “Kazandžijsko sokače”, and feel the spirit of old Niš.
-And most important, don’t miss talking with the people from Niš and experience the warmth and hospitality of the southerners.

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